Demo Company

With thousands of demolitions under our belt, JR Demolition is a leader in the Dallas – Fort Worth demo industry. We’ve handled large commercial projects as well as small residential demolitions with the professionalism and care expected of a company leading the charge in excellent demolition service.

Schedule your demo project today with JR and experience the best demolition service in Texas.

A Safe & Precise Demo

After confirming electricity, gas lines, and water lines have been disconnected, JR Demolition will proceed with demolishing your commercial property or residential project. You can rely on all of our 30 long-term employees to complete your Dallas-Fort Worth project with the utmost attention to detail and precision. For commercial jobs, heavy equipment like high reach excavators are typically used and promote a safe environment for demolishing buildings. Machines this large are not the best fit for smaller residential demolition sites; these utilize mid-size excavators and dozers.

Preparing Your Property For Construction

Safely preparing your site for future construction is our primary concern when demolishing an existing structure. Ensuring all the material is cleared efficiently and safely is essential to providing a clear worksite for dirtwork and foundation construction to finally begin. During the demolition, we gather all the demolished material in a proper place to be collected by our dump trucks and hauled away to the landfill or a recycling center.

Standard Services Provided By Demo Companies

JR Demolition provides high quality commercial demolitions as our primary service, but we can handle a wide range of other demo jobs. Residential house demolitions can be completed within hours utilizing our safe and efficient demo process. More meticulous and complex interior-only demolitions are another possibility for buildings being upgraded or renovated. Large scale industrial manufacturing plants with hazardous material and potential asbestos contaminations are special projects we have experience in managing.