Demolition Contractors

Recognizing if a contractor will meet your needs can be difficult to foresee. JR’s Demolition offers peace of mind for customers and provides dependable demolition services for every project we work on. One of the most important factors to consider is working with a company with decades of experience. JR Demolition is a demo company with several decades of involvement in commercial and residential demolitions throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Your Demolition Contractor's Equipment

The equipment your contractor uses can be a determining factor in whether they should be hired for your project. Using outdated or improper machines can make all the difference between a successful demolition and failure that results in injury or property damage. Excavators are the perfect machine for all demolition applications. There are a diverse number of tool attachments that allow for every possible operation needed during the demolition process. For exceptionally large commercial projects, a high reach excavator is typically used for the highest level of safety. Other important machines in a demolition contractors fleet include dozers and skid steers.

Clean-up After Demolition Is Complete

Throughout the demolition, the proper place will be selected to gather all your demolished material and our trucks will haul it away to the landfill or a recycling center. Safely preparing each site for future construction is our primary concern when demolishing standing structures. To start foundation construction and begin moving dirt, a clear worksite is necessary by having all demolition material completely removed.