The Experts in Demolition

Jr’s Demolition Inc. has provided demo services for over 20 years. During these years, we’ve had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects across Texas. Our long history means all your jobs will meet your exact specifications when being completed. Contact our Irving office today for your demolition needs. Whether you need to demo a house or prepare your lot for new construction, we’re here to help

Demolition & Recycling

We regard the landfill as our last resort. JR aims to recycle every piece of debris generated from our projects. It's our mission to reuse and recycle so our clients save money and we reduce landfill use. With proper consideration, everything from lumber to metals and masonry can be sorted on-site to be reused and recycled. We try our best to recycle up to 75% of the material found on each jobsite.

Your Dallas Demolition Company

We are one of the most trusted demolition companies in the DFW metroplex because of our foundation of faith, integrity, and hard work. Once ensuring electricity, gas, and water lines are no longer in service, JR Demolition will proceed with properly demolishing your building or residential property. You can rely on each of our 30-long term employees to complete your Dallas-Fort Worth project with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Getting Started With JR Demolition

To begin your demolition project, you'll need a master permit from your city. You'll also need to schedule utlities to be turned off and disconnected. Starting this process a couple weeks in advanced ensures your cutoff will be performed on time and helps allow for potential scheduling changes. Gas lines, the most critical and dangerous of the utilities, need to be cut and capped at the street to prevent explosions. For electricity, Request your electrical company to "cut in the clear" to stop power at the pole that delivers electricity to your property. Water can be capped at the line going to your property or your provider may simply turn it off temporarily by using a water key. Sewer lines will need to be cut and capped by a licensed plumber.