House Demolition

Our professional team practices the utmost care in house demolition for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Demolishing your structures and filling pools to a flat graded surface is just the beginning of our services. We consider your neighbors and nearby buildings to ensure containment and cleanup is done efficiently with minimum impact to the surrounding environment. If you have any special requests or requirements, we will gladly accomodate your needs for a flawless demo.

Contact JR Lindamood Demolition and schedule a demolition of your house and surrounding property today!

 Your Neighborhood Demolition Company

Jr Demolition has worked on incredible projects across DFW for several decades. We've been a key player in helping transform neighborhoods by clearing properties to make way for the ever-expanding and upgrading metroplex. If you are looking for a demolition company in your neighborhood, there's a good chance we've already demolished other houses in your area. Contact us today for a quote to demolish your house and see all that JR Demolition has to offer.

Commercial vs. Residential Demolition

Each of JR's projects follow a careful plan for the safest outcome regardless of whether your demolition is commercial or residential. The underlying demo strategy remains the same while the size between commercial and house demolition jobs can vary significantly and the machines used may be larger or smaller.

If your house is being demolished, you the homeowner will typically be the point of contact for our demolition schedule and crew. You'll need to contact your utility companies and the city to schedule utilities to be cut off temporarily during the demolition process. For commercial jobs, a general contractor will oversee the demolition and other parts of the project including permitting and new construction. Feel free to call JR Demolition to discuss which approach is best for your property.

Let's Start Working Together

Contact us today and see what makes JR Demolition company one of the best in the industry for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We look forward to providing you the best in demolition services.