This Kessler house demolition project is just one of the many properties we’ve had the opportunity to clear for new development in Dallas. The Kessler area southwest of Downtown Dallas is a budding area for new homes and apartments with JR Lindamood Demolition at the forefront of providing safe demolition services for property owners. The neighborhoods namesake is that of George Edward Kessler, an American pioneer, city planner, and landscape architect. He authored the Kessler Plan, a growth plan for Dallas used from 1910 to 1930, which includes the area this property is located in.

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In just 10 short years, this property’s value has increased substantially due to the high demand for real estate in Kessler. In 2010 this house was listed for just over $100,000. Today, the 2020 value of this 1,100 square-foot home and 0.26 acres of land are valued at over $400,000. As more development takes place in this hot housing market, JR Demolition is standing by to help owners quickly demolish, clear, and grade their valuable land to prepare it for new development. Request a quote today for your Dallas demolition project and experience the professional service JR’s provides.

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This Kessler house demolition project included clearing multiple structures and several trees before grading the lot for a flat property ready to build on.